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Discourse should not…? (We are all opérateurs)

Instead of adding directly (the Nietzsche titles on my bookshelf glare at me sternly–don’t be reactive!) to some of the heated recent blogging, tweeting, and other exhausting backs-and-forths over the power of words and the question of self-policing of language in feminist, queer, … Continue reading

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Sovereignty and Surrender

I bring to you, like a child anxious to offer an adequate object to the Oedipal figures that populate his fledgling superego, an impasse registering as an ambivalence from the self-enclosure of dissertation writing: I am stuck between alternating desires for … Continue reading

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What I Learned from my Comps, aka, Some Amateur Self-Psychoanalysis

I’ve not even really finished my comps.  In my department, they are split into two parts: first, would-be PhD candidates write three essays based on their three area lists; second, assuming they pass the first leg of the process, they … Continue reading

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Simondon’s Levels of Individuation

My gig as a fellow on the Rutgers Institue for Research on Women (IRW) seminar this year has given me a provocative interdisciplinary milieu in which to confront my own capacity to articulate some of my scholarly orientations to colleagues, … Continue reading

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Caffeinated Phenomenology

Why is the walk home from a coffee shop so mentally productive? I asked myself the question this afternoon after realizing, mid-walk home, that I often intentionally bank the still unresolved questions that have accumulated from an afternoon of reading … Continue reading

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