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Born of the Interval: Irigaray’s Ethics of Difference

Text Abbreviations: IBSW: In The Beginning, She Was KW: Luce Irigaray: Key Writings TBT: To Be Two WL: The Way of Love Introduction Luce Irigaray’s work has, unfairly, been rather willfully read stateside, resulting in her frequent dismissal as an … Continue reading

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Child Sexuality as Mistranslation of the Parental Unconscious: Laplanche’s “Identification-by”

This week’s installment is lengthy, but necessarily so.  I promise your patience in reading it will be rewarded. Introduction Jean Laplanche’s most recently translated collection of work, Freud and the Sexual (2011), follows nicely my detailing last week of a critique … Continue reading

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Ironic, Awkward, Flat: Genres of Endurance in Late Liberalism (From the TV Archive)

Television is a machine that entrains sociality through genre as habituation to certain modes of endurance in the otherwise painfully unbearable intimacy and inadequacy of the everyday in late liberalism.  The TV archive, here, is not flippant, nor even only … Continue reading

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Late Summer; Topographies and Intimacy in the Ordinary

We are drawn to genres for a multiplicity of reasons.  Melodrama, for instance, provides an affective and narrative jolt that, in intensifying and simplifying the grounds of having a life, can make us feel like something is finally happening, something … Continue reading

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