I have taught a range of courses in transgender studies, queer theory, literary studies, and the medical humanities. I would be happy to share syllabi and other teaching materials, feel free to contact me.

University of Pittsburgh


ENGLIT2064   The Body Now: Form, Matter, Text
ENGLIT3902   Feminist Science Studies
ENGLIT3902   Poverty and Homelessness in Childhood Studies

GSWS2240     Gender and the Child


ENGLIT0560   Children and Culture
ENGLIT0630  Sexuality and Representation
ENGLIT0655   Representing Adolescence
ENGLIT1645   Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature: The Child Sciences
ENGLIT1090   Senior Seminar: Literature, Medicine, and Sexology

Rutgers University-Newark


WGS205         Introduction to LGBT Studies
WGS325         Politics of Sexuality
WGS389         LGBT Images in Film and Literature
WGS389         Immigration in the U.S.: Sexuality, Race and Gender
WGS389         Digital and Queer: LGBT After the Internet



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