Haunting the Queer Spaces of AIDS: GLQ 19, 3

I have an essay in the newest issue of GLQ, the abstract of which follows:

Haunting the Queer Spaces of AIDS: Remembering ACT UP/New York and an Ethics for an Endemic

This essay considers the mutation of the temporality of HIV/AIDS in the United States from epidemic time to endemic time — the biopolitical distribution of life and death capacities across populations — as a critical noncoincidence of the present with itself. That the present moment is “out of joint” for the two generations separated by the interval between epidemic and endemic time is the motivation for asking a series of ethical, historical, and political questions about HIV/AIDS and queer theory through the lens of Jacques Derrida’sSpecters of Marx and the New York City – based digital archive of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) Oral History Project. Hauntology, a nonlinear process concomitant with archiving, is the ground from which, in the case of ACT UP/New York, the reactive endurance of life under neoliberalism in the archived memory of AIDS activism is made available for an active invention of a new ethico-political project across the generations otherwise divided by the aporia between epidemic and endemic.

[via Duke University Press]
A photo from the essay also graces the cover of the issue– a gorgeous rendering on the part of Duke! Take a look.



  1. Julian, I just got to read your article in GLQ, in preparation, at least in part, for a joint essay that I am writing with Marty Fink, Bishnu Gosh, and David Oscar Harvey about our illicit panel on the (in)visibility of AIDS held at the outskirts of SCMS this Spring and then sitting on our Tumblr. We had decided to call our shared effort “Ghost Stories” before your piece came out! This must mean that we have much to say to and learn from each other, or at minimum, that there are hauntings in the realms of ideas and dreams, perhaps, that might be critical to us all. I thought your piece was terrific, and I’d love to share another piece I just completed with you, about digital AIDS memorials, that won’t be published for a long time. THanks for your great work. Alex

    • Hi Alex,

      Thank you so much for letting me know about your work! I enjoyed combing through the Tumblr and would be curious to know if you have any plans about using all this media you have available now, it’s great and interesting as an archive. I think you’re right about “Ghost Stories” having a lot in common with some of what I am trying to work out in my piece. Certainly I think the oral history archive I spent time with was permeated with exact the kinds of haunting that you are describing. I would be really interested to see your piece on digital AIDS memorials, please shoot me an email and send it my way: jgillp@scarletmail.rutgers.edu


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