The Informatics of Domination: The School

If feminist theory has taught me anything, it’s that the fantasized omnipotence of predicting the future is really just the projection of a phallocentric subject’s optics out into the world, so that the subject pretends to see itself endlessly in others.  Nevertheless, Donna Haraway’s “A Cyborg Manifesto” is, in an endlessly fascinating way, almost a theoretical prophesy.

In revisiting it recently, I noticed a lovely, compressed paragraph that describes what she terms “the informatics of domination” for the institution of the school.  It’s eerily prescient.

School: Deepening coupling of high-tech capital needs and public education at all levels, differentiated by race, class, and gender; managerial classes involved in educational reform and refunding at the cost of remaining progressive educational democratic structures for children and teachers; education for mass ignorance and repression in technocratic and militarized culture; growing anti-science mystery cults in dissenting and radical political movements; continued relative scientific illiteracy among white women and people of colour; growing industrial direction of education (especially higher education) by science-based multinationals (particularly in electronics- and biotechnology-dependent companies); highly-educated, numerous elites in a progressively bimodal society (172).

Something to think again, not only through the school as object of analysis, but as members of the machine of higher education.


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