Snippet: On the Originary Technicity of the Nervous System

From a conference paper in-progress on the problem of attention in young people as manifested in the endemic of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the United States:

What feminist science studies and the new materialisms offer in a consideration of the problem of attention’s deficit in young people, in sum, is an approach that productively incorporates the otherwise enforced divisions between nature/culture, child/adult, matter/meaning, and population/individual that have led to the kinds of reactionary reassertions of control by adults over children through management of the endemic of childhood ADHD in the first place. What attention demonstrates, through its biogramming, is its own originary technicity, the “naturalcultural” (Barad 2007) embededness of the human nervous system within a technological circuitry that is evolving in its digital and phamarceutical manifestations.  If biopolitics and a certain kind of pharmaceutical capitalism have recognized this originary technicity of attention, and seek to intervene in that process for control and profit, then we need feminist science studies and new materialisms to adequately respond and engage with the ways in which it has always been true and continues to be true that “technology crosses through ontology” (Clough 2000).


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