Julian Gill-Peterson

I am Assistant Professor of English and Children’s Literature at the University of Pittsburgh.

I work in the fields of queer theory and transgender studies, with an emphasis on critical race theory, science and medicine. My research centers on the child and childhood, interrogating their vital roles in the definition and valuation of the human. I understand the child and childhood as peculiar hybrids that sketch the assembly, while also dwelling in the gaps, of the fault lines of the modern episteme, including the threshold between the natural and the social, the technological and the human, and the estrangement of race from gender and sexuality.

My recent publications can be found in GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies and TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly. I am currently at work on a book project, The Invention of the Transgender Child. The book focuses on an archive of the treatment of children as ‘transsexual’ from the 1960s onward, while laying out the political stakes and the eugenic technologies cultivated by endocrinology in both Europe and the United States. The project aims, ultimately, to engage with speculative theories of race and sexuality to problematize the value given to the body of the child in anchoring the human form. The transgender child is an important figure not only because of growing visibility, but because the endocrine body has broader implications for our understanding of medicine’s value as a form of positive eugenics, where ‘health’ means cultivating human stock or species.I am also co-editor of “The Child Now,” a forthcoming special issue of GLQ.

Feel free to get in touch: jgillp@scarletmail.rutgers.edu

One Response to Julian Gill-Peterson

  1. Betsy Wissinger says:

    Great paper at CUNY mattering conference today. Looking forward to further discussion!

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